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Introducing A Prayer for America

A Prayer for America is an online community, supported by an active dedicated Facebook group, which shares a vision for equality, peace, and hope for the United States.

Both individually and collectively, via our Facebook group and occasional Zoom meetings, we focus on the need for change facing the country – with the simple intention of asking for, or focusing energy upon, positive and positive outcomes for the USA and her people.

Our Facebook Group offers a space to share your reflections, poems, griefs, words, hopes and prayers. Please note that in order to provide a safe space for everyone, we follow a strict Code of Conduct, emphasizing mutual respect and tolerance. All members of our Facebook group are committed to respecting this Code.

The group is a place for people of any faith tradition or none to come together to offer prayers, poems, words, hopes, intentions and wishes for a future USA that is untainted by difference. Like a public condolences or messages book, or place for sharing what is on your heart, this is a place for listening, lamenting, releasing, pleaing and asking.

The community embraces people of all faith traditions and none, and aims to avoid polarized political discussions. Its principal aim is to unite people in prayer, and to offer a positive intention for this great nation.

A community for speakers of all languages

While much of what we share may be in the English language, we encourage non-English speaking contributions too. Facebook especially offers an easy-to-use translation option for posts that aren’t written in your normal language, allowing anyone to understand and respond to what others have to share.

Currently, non-English speaking contributions are unmoderated, hence responsibility for ensuring that these respect our community ground rule rests with contributors (although this is true for all contributions – comments shared are those of each individual, and don’t necessarily reflect opinion of the community as a whole).

A community for followers of any faith or none

Who or what we as individuals direct our attention to depends upon our own faith tradition, if we have one. Thus, most Christians will pray to God, most Muslims to Allah, and so on. Similarly, followers of Earth-based traditions may address “Mother Earth”, “Great Spirit”, or “Father Sky”, while Buddhists and other individuals who don’t pray specifically to a deity, may hold good intentions in their heart as ones that can reach out and impact the world. Hence, this is an all embracing forum for anyone who believes that prayer and heartfelt intention can make a difference in our world. It’s not a place for impressing our own particular beliefs on others, or being critical of others' faiths.

Why a prayer for America?

A Prayer for America is led by participants, is non-commercial, and has no political objective. It began as an offshoot of Labyrinth Around America, a project to take a canvas labyrinth around the border states of the mainland USA, and in the process bringing people from many different backgrounds together to walk the same path and arrive at the same center – without reference to what their backgrounds, religious beliefs or politics are. More recently, the project has relaunched to support the 'Black Lives Matter' initiative, and offer a public space for grieving, sharing, and praying.

How? What? Why?

Is the forum just for people who live in the USA, or who are American citizens? No – anyone can participate who cares about America's future, and indeed the initiator of ‘Labyrinth Around America’, and in turn ‘A Prayer for America’, is UK-based and a British citizen.

What about those peoples whose ancestors have inhabited the land now demarked as the USA for many centuries (and before European settlers), but whose association is with their nations, not as Americans? We want to honor all people who inhabit this land, invite any who choose to join our prayers, and are grateful for their prayers.

Shouldn't "America" include the whole of the American continent, not just the USA? For this initiative, the focus that I have had is for the US. "America" of course applies to all of the American continents (north and south), and is only used here in just one sense that it's commonly used as an abbreviation for the United States. No denial of or offence to the rest of the Americas or other Americans is intended.

Why just the focus on the USA? Don’t other countries matter too? Of course, every person and every country in the world makes a vital contribution toward our collective future. This project’s focus on the USA is simply from the leading that the originators of this space have for our own ministries. It may be that the focus expands to take in other countries, if not the whole world, in time – or perhaps other, similar initiatives will begin to focus energy in other regions.

Isn’t it the case that all causes or topics for focus have a political aspect? Yes, this is likely to be the case. Each of us comes with a particular worldview. However, it’s one thing to support a cause, and another to express how that might be done ("if such and such a law didn’t exist, then this problem will be solved”, "we need a change of leadership"). In the same vein, specific opinions expressed about individuals, such as supporting or opposing views of politicians and influential personalities, aren’t what we are about. Rather, we might pray for them to make wise decisions, to have insight and be offered sound counsel, and for the consequences of their decisions to work for the greater good. We may not always get this right, but we should try.

Will I need to say or do anything if I take part in the Facebook group or a Zoom call? No! Indeed, often, there will be a lot of silence, and while we’ll aim to allow everyone who wants to to have space to share, the space is intended as a welcoming, safe place to just “be” and hold in your heart or your mind whatever you can from what is shared, and of course to pray as you feel able. Often, the subtlest, unspoken prayers may be the most powerful. If you wish, you may even just subscribe to our mailings and watch our videos, without needing to take part in the Facebook group or Zoom calls at all.

Is there any cost involved in taking part? No, and none is envisaged for the future. Growth of the site may involve greater operating costs, e.g. for online event hosting and mailing support. Crowdsource funding may then be sought to help cover this from those who are able to contribute.

Will any Zoom events be hosted in Spanish or languages other than English? What about YouTube videos and Facebook posts? We hope so, but this will be dependent on folks who speak other languages making contributions or otherwise offering to help.

Can I mention my own events as being aligned with the A Prayer for America vision? Please message one of the Facebook Group moderators with information about the event you propose. Subject to following our Code of Conduct, we should normally be able to approve such posts for including in our Members' Events area.

Do I have to be religious to take part? Not at all, and we definitely don’t aim to get religious here! The only invitation is to have an open heart and belief that a group of people who share a common desire can make a difference by focusing on and willing what it is they desire to be. This is not a place for anyone "selling" religious views or trying to convert anyone else to a particular point of view. It's a place for enjoying and embracing the joy of sharing with folks from different faiths (and none) – the spirit of interfaith. The prayers that we offer will be relevant whatever your faith or preferred way of expressing them.

How to get involved

To register to join our mailing list, simply click on the link below. You will then receive an invitation to join our dedicated Facebook group, and receive our regular mailings.

Register to join our community mailings and Facebook group here:


Once you have joined the Facebook group, feel free to start or contribute to any of the threads. Please note that our themes for prayer and guidelines for sharing in the Facebook group don’t encourage political debate. Of course, there is a place for being active politically, lobbying politicians and others – and there are many other places for doing that. We aim to avoid political arguments here simply because this isn’t our purpose, and were we to do so, we would quickly risk becoming divisive ourselves.

We hope that you will join our prayerful community at this important time in the USA's history.

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